INNOVA SCIENTIFIC‘s Institutional Relations Management develops a multidisciplinary process that includes public relations activities and integral communication services that strengthen, promote and perfect each one of our areas. Part of our efforts is directed to know and to be part of the educational environment in the different levels to strengthen the educational bases and to improve scientific development. That, at the same time, transforms economic, social and cultural development, increasing productivity in all the aspects. Therefore, we establish alliances and agreements with different educational centers, institutions of higher education, companies, giving rise to the feedback of knowledge that promotes local, regional and global development.

In the context of scientific advances on a national and international scale, there is growing competition. Through the impulse of the institutional relations, we seek to position ourselves with products of scientific divulgation. In this process, it is necessary to merge and transfer knowledge, which is important to institutional relationships with other national and international entities.

In the Institutional Relations Management the opportunities are visualized and they are worked for. That will offer support to our research teams in own studies, as well as in calls for financing of investigation. We are the link, and we process the agreements and strategic alliances with external entities, among them are the Universidad Nacional Hermilio Valdizán, the Capire Group of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the CERGAS Research Centre of L’università commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Italy.