The postdoctorate is a special type of program with the goal of strengthening scientific and teaching activity at the highest level and stimulating scientific production, with a trend to reach scientific leadership; improving the quality for the discovery of truth, in both human being and cosmos, where there is still much to be discovered.

The program assumes the broad and complex character of education as a social phenomenon that takes place in formal and non-formal settings, intergenerational and longitudinal in the lives of people. It also recognizes the multidimensional meaning of educational experiences and their constitution as a device of power in our societies.

The complexity of the educational phenomenon demands to be approached from a multidisciplinary perspective, the focus of which is learning, the formation of the human being, and the conditions in which this process takes place. The academic relevance of this postdoctoral program starts by providing a formative and investigative space that will allow multidisciplinary dialogue on the different sciences, thus contributing to integrate contributions and build more holistic and less fragmented visions of higher education.


The Postdoctoral Research in Engineering and Innovation is aimed at training teachers and researchers in the different areas of engineering and innovation, for it interrelates the study of the latest developments in each area of knowledge, scientific method and training for research.

The Postdoctoral Program of Research in Engineering and Innovation is associated with the ability to conduct original research that can be published in recognized journals. It involves knowledge, analytical problem solving skills, perspectives and understanding necessary to perform a self-directed, scientific work with internationally recognized quality.

The objective of the program is to ensure excellence in the development of knowledge, ethics, skills, perspectives, flexibility and understanding necessary to enable you to investigate with international quality and professional and personal integrity. Also, it aims to give answers to problems and realities of Peruvian society, while contributing to the advancement of basic knowledge and applied in the various disciplines of science. Likewise, it is proposed to train specialists in this discipline who are capable of conducting research and technological innovation and science-based management, contributing to the increase of scientific and technological knowledge of the country.

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