To offer the world quality research and innovation, we develop procedures correctly in each area and ensure their continuous compliance. The conduct of all INNOVA SCIENTIFIC personnel is honorable and responsible because in our induction and training plan we transfer knowledge of ethical aspects, methodology and internal regulations.

The Quality Management is the organization of INNOVA SCIENTIFIC which guarantees the ethical aspects of the research activity, deploying a very relevant work in the control and monitoring of ethics, integrity and necessary guarantee during the scientific research from beginning to end. This with the aim of meeting the current and demanding standards related to ethics, bioethics and biosafety, applicable to research projects.

We contribute to the consolidation of scientific ethics, acting with transparency and honesty, as an essential pillar of our culture and values. For this reason, we are currently in the standardization, dissemination and implementation of ethical procedures, quality and good practices, aiming at the certification of INNOVA SCIENTIFIC as a research center.