From diverse perspectives and approaches, topics of scientific and social interest are researched with the capacity to carry out critical analyses of the currents of thought in today’s society, contributing to the solution of the current ideological and ethical setbacks.


  • Society, ideology and worldviews
  • Political Cultures, State and Democracy
  • Political processes in ancient Mesoamerican societies
  • Ideas and political and legal institutions: from the Hispanic monarchy to the national stage
  • Contemporary History of Peru and Latin America
  • The economic dynamics of production and their impact on the cultural landscape
  • Construction and configuration of the geographical space: economy, politics and culture in Latin America
  • Studies for the inventory, protection and conservation of tangible and intangible, archaeological and historical heritage
  • Intersubjectivity and intercultural and multicultural processes in Latin America
  • Latin American Cultural Studies, Discourse Analysis and Cultural Semiotics
  • Identity reconstruction of the Latin American citizen based on political discourse
  • Knowledge society and its impact in Latin America
  • Institutional reforms and public policies for welfare in Latin America
  • The role of women in change processes in Latin America
  • Social informatics and its impact on the behavior of the population in Latin America
  • Social Imaginary and Social representations in Latin America