In INNOVA SCIENTIFIC we develop activities regarding research and promotion of scientific culture. Among them we may mention dissemination, education and knowledge transfer. Through our Academic Management we have launched a series of courses in different modalities, virtual, face-to-face and blended. Those courses target audiences at different levels, including schools, technical institutes, universities and businesses, without neglecting other communities such as the general public and professionals.

We pay special attention to the development of research skills from the early stages of education, starting from the idea that students will be the leaders of the future, scientists, decision makers and leaders of nations. We seek to incorporate new generations into the challenges of science by offering learning opportunities in various areas of knowledge, including the development of innovative solutions that show what has been learned, as well as their participation in the resolution of real problems.

Aiming at the deepening of knowledge in specific topics, giving continuity to the lines worked during doctoral research, INNOVA SCIENTIFIC and the Universidad Nacional Hermilio Valdizán (UNHEVAL) offer the following postdocs programs:

  • Postdoctoral Research in Engineering and Innovation.
  • Postdoctoral program in Business Sciences.
  • Postdoctoral program in Education.

This helps to train and improve professionals in research, contributing to the growth of scientific knowledge.